Welcome Jaguar Baseball

$325.00 $100.00

Hello Jaguars,

We have arranged this special offer for the Blue Valley West Baseball program. We’re excited to have you participating in our program. KC Hitter patents and products are designed to improve MLB hitters. We think our systems can help you. We also think that by helping you reach your post-high school baseball goals, we will achieve more of our goals. We are looking forward to helping you become a BETTER HITTER.

If I can answer any questions, please feel free to contact me directly. Email is best.



*Times and dates remain TBA until we generate interest. At that point, dates and times will be set according to your schedule. We can start whenever is best for the guys.

*More details below.



PROJECT X is an eight week, transformative hitting workout (challenge), held at the KC Hitter Lab. The 2016-18 projects showed double digits increases in exit velocity and contact percentage during the six-week project. *This is an EIGHT-week program.

Hard Data Initiative

 We want your improved hitter metrics!

KC Hitter is in a ‘Hard Data’ collection phase. That means tremendous opportunity and value for you and your hitters. 

We’ve recorded some very nice results. Our previous projects have resulted in double-digit improvement in exit velocity, quality contact, and contact percentage. During this period, we are making the same program available to you and your hitters for this introductory price.

This offer is for one project X session.

  • Sessions start times and date TBA.
  • Time and date to be agreed upon when we speak.
  • One Project X session (eight weeks).
  • Each session is one-hour long. (Project X is also offered in 3-4 x weekly package. $189.00)
  • Cost $110.00 per player. (10 player minimum / 15 player max).

Participant requirements:

  • Respond to and complete the RAPSODO profile.
  • Batting Helmet. All hitters are required to wear batting helmets.
  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE. The system is a challenge (much like the season), it’s much like competing against the best. A positive attitude is the backbone of any pressure performance strategy.
  • An open mind.
  • Respectful demeanor in all regards.

Participation recommendations:

  • Batting gloves: Batting gloves are not a requirement, but we emphasize reps. Consider them work gloves.
  • Footwear: Crosstrainers are most ideal. ‘Track shoes’ and shoes made for running in a straight line are less than ideal. 
  • Mental: Start getting your head right. We realize that sounds cliche’. It’s not. It’s real. We help with that.
  • ‘Mental Conditioning’ is part of the program. You’ll know how to prepare soon enough. For now, you should ‘anticipate’ a different kind of competition. We will be competing against your mind.
    • THIS IS ABOUT HOW YOU INTERPRET PITCHES and what happens next.
  • KC will act as a guide, more than a trainer. If you require specific hitting help, that is also available.
  • FEEDBACK: This entire effort is about you, the hitter. We will be asking for your feedback 

Where do the results go?

Currently, we have a long list of entities requesting our project results. MLB, NCAA, and many college programs have requested the results of our testing. This is yet another way to get your name where you want it to be.