1-hour x 8-weeks (offered 4x per year) • Project X is the NOW of KC Hitter programming and the FUTURE of hitting training in baseball. One might call it our Flagship offering. Hitters that get involved in this program early will find themselves greatly advantaged. The value of signing up early will nearly double the hitter’s exposure to the opportunity.

Project X is an eight week, transformative hitting workout and challenge. It too is held at the KC Hitter Lab. The 2016 Project showed double-digit increases in exit velocity, contact percentage, and quality contact. Hitters gain access to extended, easy to extremely aggressive competition scenarios while enhancing their innate ability to seek, find and aggressively address pitches. We want to establish wins and losses in the ‘environment’, for the purpose of effecting outcomes in competition and in life.

Project X is offered four times a year.

* The label ‘Project’ may be misleading, however, we believe that everything associated with the development of the ‘coat of armor’ necessary to compete at the highest level is a project. It’s all a project until we stop competing. You can ask any good to, great hitter about that.

Project X Options:

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2019: April – May – June / October – November – December.

2020: January – February / March – April / May – June (TBA)

Project X walkthrough;

Week 1: Hitter conditioning and baseline. Eight metrics are measured and hitters become conditioned to the KC Hitter environment through discussion, and introduction drills.

Weeks 2-7: Hitters train in our progressively challenging environment. Ball and bat drills pitched bp, and a range of exercises (all directly related to seeing and hitting) are repeated during the one-hour sessions.

Week 8: In week eight we redo our baseline testing, and discuss outcomes. All participants receive Hitting Reports.