We’re preparing this program for the Overland Park location.



 We’re bringing back Curveball clinics. We’ve been watching lots of games and seeing good hitters neutralized because they’re guarding against curveballs. Part of our theory is to help hitters learn to hit the curveball, so they can get their focus back on the FASTBALL.

  • Do you hit fastballs well?
  • Does something change when the pitcher shows you a curveball? 
  • After seeing a curveball, are you just a little off on the fastball?
  • Are you missing good fastballs after seeing bad curveballs?
  • Do you hunt fastballs – IN?
  • Have you found yourself hunting curveballs? 
  • Do you dare them to throw you a curveball?
  • Heck, do you dare them to throw you a FASTBALL?!?!

* We use the patented KC Hitter system. the KC Hitter System is scientifically designed to make tracking ball flight more innate to allow the hitter to better identify and track the path of the pitch. Hitters can expect fast results.

• 6 Player max

• Ages 12 and up

• 1-hour, 1-day sessions.