Semi-Private Sessions – 8 x 30-minutes


THE SHORTSTOP (SS) – :30 Semi-Private Sessions x 8




The Shortstop (SS) is the foundation of every good baseball team. At KC Hitter, SS stands for The ‘Short Stuff’ lesson program. In the SS, we cover and reinforce the basics of hitting. KC Hitter ventures beyond all convention, but the basics are the foundation of all of our programs. The SS is our 30-minute private and semi-private lesson program. Lessons are packaged in four or eight, one half-hour sessions. We generally schedule one time weekly. Hitters stay motivated and energetic while we progress at a relatively quick pace. During our time, we begin to share the language of the hitter, dispel myths, begin to understand body movement, true vision, timing and much more. The A Game and the SS hitting lessons are available only during the hours when Project X in downtime. We schedule these programs only after sign-ups for Project X closed.