What the heck happened to me at the Citadel?

At KC Hitter we hit in adverse conditions to prepare to hit in adverse conditions.
Gosh, my story? Do you mean what diverted my attention from being an NJCAA head coach, co-founder of a 10+ and growing travel-team ball organization, an associate scout for four different pro ball teams, co-chair/founder of a non-profit organization dedicated to educational efforts through baseball? Well, it’s a pretty long story. Simply stated, I thought there was more. Much more. 
Think in terms of… Hitting is hard, hits have emotional and financial value. Hitting involves stress or pressure. There are strategies to manage both stress and pressure. It’s been proven that human beings can improve vision. It’s been proven that humans can improve reaction times. It’s been proven that humans can improve quickness. It’s been proven that it’s likely that the way you’re training – COULD BE BETTER!
*** There is SO much more to say about this, but for now, let’s keep it simple. At KC Hitter we hit under adverse conditions to prepare to hit under adverse conditions.
A USPTO patent on the KC Hitter system (granted April 9, 2019) allows us to share with you, our story and products. It also allows us to pursue the driving question: 


‘what if” video



As real as it gets.

Turns out, it’s a thing. It’s SCIENCE.