“Neurons that fire together, wire together, but neurons that fire out of sync, will never link”

Our technologies promote:

 Better deliverable odds in high-leverage hitting situations • Sharper Vision • Faster reaction times • More quality contact



Why do we sometimes fail to perform up to our potential under pressure?

How comfortable is any hitter at any time? Hitting, by nature, is steeped in pressure. Why do we sometimes fail to perform up to our potential under pressure? It’s especially bewildering in the case of athletes who spend so much time honing their physical craft. But what about their minds? It turns out that rarely do we practice in conditions we are going to perform under, and as a result, when all eyes are on us we sometimes make mistakes in our performance. 

Ken KC Carswell Founder/Creator/CEO

My experiences on the baseball field, and in other facets of my life, has led me into this field of cognitive science. How can we reach our limitless potential or more to our point, how do we help hitters stick to their plan and make the necessary adjustments at critical times? How can we help them perform at their best when they need to the most? I wanted to understand how we could use acquired knowledge of the mind and the brain to come up with phycological tools that would help us perform at our best. 




TO CHOKE; Suboptimal sports performance in stressful situations, which has led to two fundamental ‘choking’ models: DISTRACTION AND SELF-FOCUS.

KC Hitter develops the hitter’s ability, emotional stability and comfort level in high leverage situations. We apply research and science to the phenomenon of choking and train in strategies for success at the plate when it counts.

“When I was hitting there my heart was pounding of my chest. I had to force myself to control my breathing.” – Travel Ball Coach/Academy Owner.


Neuroplasticity: The brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment.

FASTER BRAIN SIGNALS = QUICKER REACTIONS. Earlier, faster, easier pitch identification. Helping the hitter adjust to fast moving objects better than ever before.

“After I got out of the cage, I wanted to hit again right away. Things seemed too easy after.”  – College Coach 

Proprioception is the sense of the relative position of one’s own parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement. It is sometimes described as the “sixth sense”. In humans, it is provided by proprioceptors in skeletal striated muscles and tendons and the fibrous.
“All I was thinking about was the ball. I completely stopped thinking about my mechanics. Suddenly, I just knew what the coach was talking about.”




CONTACT PERCENTAGE is one way we measure a hitter’s improvement. Hitter’s traditionally improved their contact percent by double digits.



EXIT VELOCITY is another metric improved by 98% of the hitters that have completed a minimum of the six-week program. 




instill a quantifiable sense of confidence and improved performance to athletes. Hitting is contagious. What we do at KC Hitter is also contagious.


Influenced by elite military forces, continuous research and interaction with industries wherein ‘mission critical’ is just another day at the office. 


• Make a lasting impact on player ‘makeup’, and enhance the five mental tools: learning ability, commitment, positivity, focus, and maturity. 

• Are designed to enable and empower the hitter to recognize pitches and how well his training has prepared him and where his breakdowns are. 


Designed by hitters to be;

• private and nurturing hitting environment.

• advanced and challenging hitting facility.

• be a place to try out new ideas, ours and the ideas of others.

• a creative canvas for the development of hitters.

• a testing facility for hitters, hitting products and hitting theories.